FNMJ reports on France’s overall garden centre sales

PARIS, France: FNMJ (Fédération Nationale des Métiers de la Jardinerie), representing the leading garden centres in France, reported the country’s overall garden centre sales for the first half of the year 1% down.

The industry body reported a decline of sales of 23% in March due to torrential rain with few garden centres claiming to have caught up with the spring losses. Early summer provided some relief with sales figures up 12% and 1.5% in May and June respectively

Performance varies across regions with only the South East of France reported an area of limited (1%) growth.

Flowering and foliage houseplants and décor products registered growth of 10 and 1% respectively, while garden tools, gardening equipment, lawn care, plant food and compost remained down at 8, 4 and 2%.

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