#Flowers4oxygen and Fleurop partner with Dutch Lung Foundation

Drone photo by: Wiebe de Jager / Dronewatch, retouch by Floris Heuer

Flower delivery service Fleurop and the #flowers4oxygen campaign are happy to partner with the Dutch Lung Foundation. €2.50 from each purchase of a ‘lung bouquet’ will be donated directly to the Foundation helping those in need.

With the coronavirus wreaking havoc around the world, the #flowers4oxygen campaign went live on the grounds of the world famous spring garden Keukenhof in the Netherlands last week. The campaign focuses on how positive energy really matters in these incredibly difficult times.

On 27 March, members of the Dutch floriculture industry added the final touches to the flower mosaic depicting a pair of lungs. Photos and drone images can now be seen online using hashtag #flowers4oxygen and at www.flowers4oxygen.com

The floral installation covers and area of 2,250m2 and includes 50,000 plants and 150,000 flowers.

Meanwhile, the Flower Council of Holland’s announced its ‘Let Hope Bloom’ consumer campaign which will be rolled out in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and France. #lethopebloom

Last week, the International Association of Horticultural Producers AIPH and FloraCulture International (FCI) published a factsheet detailing the scientifically proven benefits of cut flowers.

This article was updated on 4 April, 2020.

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