Flower industries from Spain and Holland are looking to postpone Mother’s Day

Author: Ron van der Ploeg

VALENCIA, Spain, DELFT, Netherlands: Postponing Mother’s Day this year is the current topic of discussion between members of Spain’s FEPEX and representatives of the Dutch floriculture industry, gathered in the Flower Council of Holland.

Both Spanish and Dutch industry experts fear that the most important floral holiday, which this year falls on 3 May in Spain and on 10 May in the Netherlands, will be overshadowed by the coronavirus crisis.

The idea is to move the special day for European mums forward. In Spain, members of FEPEX suggested celebrating the ‘Dia de la Madre’ on 6 or 13 June, while their Dutch counterparts are considering a Sunday in August.

Before announcing a postponement to Mother’s Day, the industry needs to find a common ground so that their growers, trading companies and retail florists can prepare themselves by setting up promotional sales and marketing campaigns.

The Spanish have already voiced their feelings that if this project is feasible, they should set it up in close collaboration with horticultural trade associations across Europe.

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