Flower Council of Holland chief to quit at crunch moment for the organisation  

Dennis van der Lubbe

WESTLAND, Netherlands: Flower Council of Holland’s managing director Dennis van der Lubbe will step down at the end of the year after nearly three years at the helm of the marketing arm of the Dutch ornamental horticulture industry. His departure comes at a key moment with Royal FloraHolland having its say about the future’s organisation on 9 December, 2022.

Van der Lubbe joined the Flower Council of Holland in March 2018. From next year,  Dennis will be taking up a new role as European Marketing Director for a start-up in the field of corporate wellness. Board Chairman Marco van der Sar says: “In recent years, Dennis has contributed to the professionalisation of FCH in the area of consumer marketing. Alongside the effective campaigns that scored positively and delivered proven returns, shopper activations have been rolled out by a large number of growers, buyers and retailers in various countries. There have also been numerous campaigns, and we have been able to receive EU funding. I would like to wish Dennis every success in his new role.”

Unfortunate timing

“There is never a good time to leave an organisation,” says Dennis van der Lubbe. “But I could not pass up this opportunity. I am very proud of the Flower Council team and everything that they have managed to achieve in recent years. The challenge for the organisation now particularly lies in creating a greater connection with our stakeholders and the rest of the sector by clearly showing the stakeholders what FCH is doing and achieving.”


The recruitment for a new Managing Director has started. “In this phase in which FCH currently finds itself, it is important that we can find a Managing Director who can lead the FCH team, but who is also able to connect parties in our sector with one another based on the activities that FCH carries out for the paying supporters. It is a shame that Dennis has decided to choose a different direction, but the foundations that have been laid over recent years give us a good starting point for developing further,” says Van der Sar.

The Flower Council of Holland is a non-profit organisation established by the floriculture sector with the aim of tempting consumers to buy more flowers and plants.

In October 2020, FCI magazine sat down with Van der Lubbe to discuss the Council’s Fill the Distance with Beauty campaign. Read the story HERE

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