DE KWAKEL, The Netherlands: Florist Holland is the proud winner of the Novelty of the year award with Standard Gerberas Glossy® and Jetset® received at the Flower Expo Moscow. The Flowers Expo organization has two important awards; The Best Quality Product and The Novelty of the Year award. The selection committee consists of a professional and a public jury.

What makes these Gerberas so special?
Jetset® is one of the Standard Gerbera introductions for the coming season. A peach coloured Gerbera with a black velvet touch centre. This semi-double Gerbera has an extra-large flower. The shelf life of Jetset® is superior. And last but certainly not least, this Gerbera is a true eye catcher in mix bouquets and boxes.

Glossy® is a pink coloured Standard Gerbera with a bright green centre. Glossy® has a semi-double flower, with strong flower petals and sturdy flower stems. This makes it the perfect Gerbera to distribute in different packaging solutions/materials.

A great achievement and appreciation for our breeding efforts in Gerbera, but also a great promotion for Gerberas in Russia!

You’re invited to see for yourself
Do you want to see Glossy® and Jetset® in full bloom? Come over and visit our greenhouse in the Netherlands. Besides Glossy® and Jetset® our full commercial assortment is in bloom. This overwhelming spectacle of colours is a must-see for every cut flower professional. Our doors are always open, but during our House Show from 5-9 November 2018 the presentations are extra impressive. You’re invited.

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