Floriade Expo to host Growing Green Cities 2122 conference in July

ALMERE, Netherlands: Industry professionals across the world are invited to attend Floriade Expo’s  ‘Growing Green Cities 2122’ conference held  between 4-5 July 2022.

The 2-day event -in person and online -aims to evolve multi-disciplinary practices that develop longer term thinking in our city- networks and policies.

Climate change, urbanisation, declining biodiversity, pandemics, extreme weather and increasing food production: these are just a few of the factors that challenge the future of our cities. Many investments in our cities of today are expected to last for generations, so there is a need to include long-term thinking in our current decision making.

In this conference, policymakers, professionals, practitioners and students gather to develop good practices on how to include long-term thinking in short term decision making.

Speakers will look into different disciplines and four dimensions; biobased design, nature-inclusive buildings, green neighborhoods and spatial planning in urbanizing regions.

We would like to invite you to exchange and develop good practices together. Please save the dates in your agenda and join us in July 2022!

For more information visit Growing Green Cities 2122 Conference – Floriade

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