Florensis facilities take shape as work continues at Dinteloord


DINTELOORD, Netherlands:  Work to develop state-of-the-art greenhouse and cutting stick facilities has entered the final few months with glass installed for the 6ha project last week. The roof on the 5,000m2 processing area, which will host 18 automated cutting stickers, is due to go on this week. Florensis Dinteloord ensures that the nursery minimise its environmental footprint with measures including smart lighting, screening and cultivation techniques.

“Combining a 1.5ha retractable roof structure with 45,000 m2 Venlo greenhouse, the project is truly unique,” said Adriaan Vonk, Director Domestic Production at Florensis. “Florensis Dinteloord also boasts numerous sustainability innovations with the greenhouse complex divided in 17 different climate zones for young plant production. There are 3 separate return water flows and 4 technical installations for irrigating plant material. Production will be realised by SON-T lighting and LED lighting in some of the compartments, three energy screens, smart climate control, and an insulated business hall equipped with solar panels. With this efficient design the young plants production can be realised energy-efficient and with a minimum amount of pesticides and fertilizers. And this fits in perfectly with our sustainability goals.”

Florensis Dinteloord is scheduled for completion in November.

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