Florensis and Ball Horticultural Company add Diamantina® Dipladenia/Mandevilla to their portfolio

HENDRIK-IDO-AMBACHT, Netherlands: Florensis and Ball Horticultural Company have acquired the Dipladenia/Mandevilla breeding programme from the French company D.H.M. Innovation (DHMI) effective 30 June, 2021.

Since 1985, DHMI has been active in the breeding of Dipladenia (Mandevilla), Lagerstroemia and Hibiscus. In recent years, ground-breaking innovations have been brought to market under the Diamantina® brand name, including the first Dipladenia with truly yellow flowers. This high-profile Diamantina® Opal ‘Citrine’ immediately became an IPM award winner and the new version 2.0 is considered a dream variety for both producers and consumers. The recently introduced Tourmaline Fuchsia is also a strong addition to the Diamantina range.

Leo Hoogendoorn, CEO Florensis, is looking forward to this new development for Florensis and Ball Horticultural Company with the acquisition of this consumer favorite. “The breeding will continue in a joint collaboration between DHMI, Florensis and Ball and the testing of the varieties will take place worldwide. The production and distribution strength of both Florensis and Ball Horticultural Company will lead to broader global access to the very best Diamantina genetics”.

Mike Klopmeyer, President of Ball FloraPlant added, “Ball Horticultural Company has had the honor of working with the Lannes family and representing the DHMI genetics over the past several years, and we’re excited about this opportunity to further advance these genetics and bring them into our production and distribution businesses worldwide.”

Lannes, the current Dipladenia producer, will remain closely involved as a partner in the development of new varieties, product forms and marketing concepts. In this way, their years of experience and knowledge will be preserved for a successful future.

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