Florall crowns the best in new plant introductions from Belgian plant suppliers

WAREGEM, Belgium: Belgium’s premier horticultural trade show Florall was back in Waregem Expo on Tuesday 23 August 2022. True to tradition a panel of expert judges voted for the best growers and the most spectacular breeding breakthroughs.

Among the exhibitors of Florall’s autumn edition were eighty growers and 10 horticultural suppliers and plant exporters. Thanks to Florall’s comprehensive layout, visitors from Belgiums and abroad easily found their way on the show floor.

Potentilla fruticosa ‘Lemon Tart’.

The  Florall show showcases the best Flemish horticulture has to offer this autumn. The mood was upbeat, although the majority of exhibitors were also cautious about future market developments especially in the light of Russia’s war against Ukraine and skyrocketing energy prices.

Florall’s panel of expert judges presented Sempervivum arachnoideum ‘Coconut Crystal’, submitted by Belgicactus from Westerlo, with the Gold Trophy.

The award-winning Sempervivum ‘Coconut Crystal’, sold under the brand name Colorockz www.colorockz.eu, makes a perfect plant for borders and rooftop gardens. It features lime green and red hues that turn into  creamy white and wine-red throughout the season.  The jury thinks the plant has a wonderful look and feel, which is why it’s perfect to fill pation pots. This plant is climate-resisilient: it tolerates drought and heat well, and is also resistant to frost.

Potentilla fruticosa ‘Citrus Tart’ from Waregem-based Willy De Nolf won silver. This Potentilla stands out for its double flowers and bold yellow colour. Masses of flowers will continue to rise above the foliage from May to September.

Fagus sylvatica ‘Midnight Feather’.

The jury particularly liked its striking lemon colour, shape and positioning of flowers. This plant is attractive both seen from the side and from above. It is a small, well-branched shrub for borders and and patios.

Fagus sylvatica ‘Midnight Feather’ , submitted by Boskoop-based A&E Maaijen vof scooped up the Florall Bronze Trophy. This upright growing beech forms a continuous central branch and thickens well on the trunk. In spring, red and deeply incised leaves emerge, which turn strikingly purplish-black throughout the season. It is a healthy and very hardy tree which is not prone to leaf burn.

‘Hedgeon’ submitted by Meer Plant BV ended Best in Show in the ‘New Marketing Concept’ category. ‘Hedgeon’ includes instant flowering hedges. The jury thinks that ready-made rose hedges is something special. There is potential for terraces, for a green facade and also for a tiled garden. The format (55 x 20 cm) is that of 2 paving stones. The roses are healthy and not too spiky and bloom from bottom to top for 4 months. It is friendly in maintenance, because the hedge can be clipped. The dimensions are such that the buyer can still carry it (a handle on both sides) and the mini-hedge still fits in his car.

Hedgeon instant flowering hegdes.

The jury of the Florall Awards consists of:

  • Lucien Verschoren, president Belgian Nurserymen Association (AVBS)
  • Marc Verachtert, horticultural journalist
  • Surrender Roelands, representing horticultural research institute PCS
  • Bart Verelst, AVBS, Association of Garden Contractors
  • Dirk Ballekens, director of the Belgian Garden Center Organisation
  • Willy De Geest, former editor in chief of Sierteelt & Groenvoorziening



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