Floral holidays fuel a boom in Romania’s cut flower sales

Romania’s Martisor Spring Festival and Valentine’s Day floral spending reached a ‘historic high’ between 1-8 March, with flower gifting worth more than €32 million across the country.

More than 3,000 firms compete in a market where March represents the peak of sales for the entire year. Martisor – a diminutive for Martie, the Romanian name for March) – heralds the arrival of Spring on 1 March, and on 8 March, Romanians celebrate International Women’s Day.

Flowers are arguably among the most popular gifts to celebrate these two important holidays.

In the run-up to the festivities, marketing agency Frames expected more than 2.3 million flower bouquets to be sold between 1-8 March. The estimation considers that there are 4.56 million women over the age of 18 in Romania’s cities, where 90 per cent of the flowers are sold. At least half of the ladies and young women will receive a bouquet at an average price of RON 70 (EUR 14).

“With an estimated sales volume of 2.3 million bouquets, the flower business could generate revenues of over EUR 32 million. By comparison, in 2020, when we launched the previous study, the flower business exceeded EUR 20 million. The difference comes mainly from the price increase of flowers, with the average price per bouquet rising from RON 40 to 70 in this interval,” the analysis shows, cited by Economedia.ro.

According to the same market analysis, 2023 will make it in Romania’s history books regarding record sales for Martisor and Valentine flowers.

Source: www.romania-insider.com

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