Fine Americas introduces two new growth enhancement PGRs

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WALNUT CREEK, USA: Fine Americas introduces two new PGRs for the ornamentals industry that promote rooting and plant development early in the production cycle. Advocate helps propagate plants from cuttings, while Crest can improve the germination of seed, plant emergence, root growth and seedling development.

“In addition to their individual benefits, these two products work well in tandem,” says Greg Johnson, President, Fine Americas, Inc. “Crest provides an excellent follow-up treatment to Advocate in both herbaceous and woody cuttings.” Advocate initiates rooting when cuttings are stuck in planting media. Once rooting initiates, applications of Crest help continue to promote growth of both shoots and roots in young plants.

Using the plant hormone IBA (indole butyric acid), Advocate stimulates root growth in plant cuttings: herbaceous annuals, herbaceous and hard-to-root perennial plant cuttings, softwood cuttings, woody ornamental cuttings, hardwood cuttings, pot rose cuttings, tropicals and others. Growers can also use Advocate to treat rooted plugs and seedlings at transplant, helping to reduce transplant shock and stimulate root growth. Growers can apply via total immersion, basal dip, basal end soak or foliar spray, allowing flexibility in their production systems. Growers can also tank mix Advocate with other products typically used in plant production, such as fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, biostimulants and plant growth regulators, to improve plant health and early growth.

Crest contains three PGRs (IBA, Kinetin and GA) in proper ratios to aid in early plant growth and development. In addition to its use for improving germination and development, Crest is also effective in establishing young plants for continued growth and development throughout the growing season. Apply it through watering programs or as foliar sprays/sprenches to reduce apical dominance and to promote bud differentiation, cell division, root induction and growth.

Crest integrates well into growers’ overall production programs, as it aids seed germination and early seedling growth, stimulates growth in nursery and greenhouse cuttings and helps transplants get a better start. In addition, Crest promotes plant growth and vigor in newly planted and established shrubs, non-bearing ornamental trees, flowering plants and ornamentals. Growers can also tank mix Crest and apply with fertilizers to improve early-season growth.

Note: Before applying any previously untested tank mix, always test for compatibility on a small group of plants for efficacy and phytotoxicity.

At this point these products are only registered for the U.S..

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