Myplant&Garden to transform Palazzo del Ghiaccio into lush green oasis

MILAN, Italy: Italy’s premier show for ornamental horticulture, Myplant & Garden, (Milan, February 20-22, 2019) will be one of the sponsors of FIDEC – the Italian Construction Forum which brings together the major stakeholders in the Italian construction industry. For the event, Myplant & Garden show organisers will transform the Palazzo del Ghiaccio Convention Centre into a lush green oasis.

FIDEC takes place on Wednesday 21 November and MyPlant & Garden will take the opportunity to highlight the many benefits of adding greenery into a built environment whilst promoting their forthcoming show.

Myplant & Garden will bring to the attention of contractors, architects, developers, local councils, housing associations, house builder engineers, suppliers and construction professionals the essential role of plants in creating vibrant urban areas. The key message is that the environment, human well-being, social cohesion and economies can be improved by intelligently designed green space.

The trade show’s presence at FIDEC is also an invitation to the construction industry at large to exchange ideas, research findings and knowledge about landscape gardening. Myplant & Garden will host a strong contingent of garden designers, landscape architects and contractors at its annual event next February.

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