FCI welcomes new partner in Costa Rica

FloraCulture International (FCI) welcomes partnerships with like-minded organisations, companies and associations worldwide. This month, we are pleased to welcome our 87th partner: P&F Flower Farms from Costa Rica.

Through FCI our partners can befriend thousands of horticultural professionals from around the world. FCI magazine is circulated as both a print and digital publication to subscribers across 142 countries. FCI partners receive complimentary issues of FCI which they distribute via their own channels. Incorporating this network, FCI has an estimated 100,000 total readers demonstrating its position as the strongest international media channel in the ornamentals industry for advertiser reach in the market today.

P&F Flower Farms is a company that has dedicated over 25 years to the production and export of complex-development fresh cut flowers. Since 1986, Mr. Cecil Alfaro, founder and CEO of the company, has led P&F with strong conviction and principles of hard work, persistence and effort. Throughout these years, his leadership has guided his team to develop particular skills in production, sales, and crop cultures. It all started in an 8 acre farm with 5 employees. Year by year, P&F has grown in size and expertise. Today the company covers an area of 100 acres of greenhouse production and 260 acres of field production. The company employs 450 workers and harvests over 26 million stems per year which are predominantly sold on the US market. P&F Flower Farms many years of experience adds value to its offerings, known for being one of the most varied and extensive suppliers in the floral industry. The company’s mission statement is ‘to deliver splendour and happiness through all our products.’

Want to be an FCI Partner? If you would like to share complimentary issues of FCI magazine with your network, please contact Angie Duffree: angie@floracultureinternational.com

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