AIPH/FCI factsheets detail the scientifically proven benefits of fresh flowers

DIDCOT, UK, DELFT, Netherlands: The International Association of Horticultural Producers AIPH and its business magazine for worldwide floriculture FloraCulture International (FCI) have been trying to see how best they can support industry members around the world during this difficult time.

AIPH and FCI detailed their plans in the recent message you received from AIPH President Bernard Oosterom.  If you didn’t receive this directly please let us know and it can also be viewed here and here.

AIPH and FCI would like to inform you that we are nearly ready to reveal the first results of the first-of-a-kind study capturing the voice of 21 horticultural trade associations around the world. Across four continents and sixteen countries industry professionals responded to our call to share the sentiments in the trade, business strategies and tips to help their peers in other countries take action whenever possible.

AIPH and FCI also published a factsheet detailing the scientifically proven benefits of having flowers in your home which will be so important for many who will be spending time in their homes. We also currently working on a factsheet relating to the benefits of gardening too. We appreciate that in some countries it is difficult to buy plants and flowers but where it is possible then we really want this message communicated. The documents prepared have been sent to media directly but they are also tools for you to use in your own media activity and to assist in speaking with your own governments to show how important this sector is for helping your country through these difficult times.

We are busy to create a link which will allow you to download the factsheet directly. Meanwhile, we are creating an area on the AIPH and FCI websites for Coronavirus resources and we will let you know when this is ready.

Meanwhile, we would like to share the following:

  1. Flowers put you in a better mood – they stimulate positive emotions such as gratitude, hope, empathy, joy, love, pride, calmness, surprise and awe.
  2. Flowers reduce stress and stress-related depression and generate a more optimistic outlook on life.
  3. Flowers make you heal quicker – studies have shown that visible greenery stimulates the mind to focus less on pain.

Buy flowers during the coronavirus pandemic and keep the world smiling:

  • Buy flowers for your own home and your own wellbeing
  • Buy flowers to lift the mood of others having to stay home
  • Buy flowers for those alone, elderly or vulnerable.
  • Buy flowers for those recovering from illness.

Both AIPH and FCI will do their utmost to support our industry, but the last thing we want is to encourage people to leave their homes when most of Europe is under lockdown. Obviously online remains an option. Also, supermarkets and corner stores continue to sell flowers and plants, and people still have to visit these. However, some have definitely scaled back their flower offerings and there is talk that some will close flower/plant sales altogether. We think this would be a shame when flowers will arguably play an essential role in peoples wellbeing in the coming months, and people are not putting themselves at additional risk because they are in the shop anyway for food.

You can also access the latest industry news on Coronavirus at

Please keep in contact with AIPH and FCI during this time and let us know of developments and initiatives in your own country. and In the meantime, stay safe.

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