Exhibitor bookings are looking healthy for the 2022 GreenTech show

Next month’s GreenTech tradeshow already has 450 confirmed exhibitors, reports Rachel Anderson for FCI. The interest is so high for visitors, that industry professionals are advised to pre-register in advance of arrival at the venue. Exhibitor bookings are looking healthy for the 2022 GreenTech show taking place at the Amsterdam RAI convention centre between 14-17 June 2022. With less than 50 days to go before the opening of the show, 90 per cent of the floor space has now been booked.

The show organisers are expecting to have at least 500 exhibitors and to surpass the 2019 edition of the show. The 5th edition of GreenTech Amsterdam will celebrate horticulture’s thriving tech scene under one roof. From artificial intelligence to robotics, 3D crop modelling and adaptive greenhouse design, this year’s GreenTech Amsterdam is set to be bigger than ever.

Over 13,000 horticulture professionals from 115 countries will convene to contribute towards improving global health under the theme ‘Happy Food Healthy Flowers’. This year, the show floor will be particularly crowded as GreenTech attendees can easily combine a visit to FlowerTrials and Floriade, coinciding with GreenTech Amsterdam. Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands have booked country pavilions. Several feature areas will showcase companies dedicated to Medicinal Cannabis, Vertical Farming, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Robotics.

The 2022 GreenTech show’s educational programme includes sessions on: ‘Happy Food Healthy Flowers’, ‘Vegetables, soft fruits, flowers, herbs and new crops’, ‘Water, energy and automation solutions’, and the ‘Latest trends and developments on vertical farming and medicinal cannabis’.

The GreenTech Innovation Awards will once again celebrate the innovators and technologies in the horticulture industry. Every entry will be assessed by an expert jury. The winners in the categories ‘Innovation’ and ‘Concept’ will be announced during the official opening of GreenTech Amsterdam, on Tuesday 14 June.

Meanwhile, The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) has announced the finalists of the International Grower of the Year (IGOTY) Awards 2022. The awards ceremony will take place on 14th June 2022 at GreenTech Amsterdam. Nine ornamentals growers from around the globe have reached the final. Click HERE to see who the IGOTY 2022 finalists are.

Mariska Dreschler, RAI director of horticulture.

This year’s GreenTech exhibition is returning to its full format for the first time since 2019. FCI talks to RAI director of horticulture Mariska Dreschler about what’s in store.

FCI: How do you feel about GreenTech returning to its full format this year?

Mariska Dreschler: “It’s exciting. We encourage people to jump on the plane and come to Amsterdam – rather than stay at home and wait for someone else to change the world.
Because seeing one another in person again at a big show and attending GreenTech’s thought-provoking knowledge sessions, will inspire us to act now to help solve the world’s most urgent problems.”

“Happy Food, Healthy Flowers” – the main theme for GreenTech 2021 – returns this year as the central theme for the Vision Theatre. What is it about this phrase that resonates so well with you?

“We purposely chose this phrase for its thought-provoking ‘twist’ (although you can eat flowers in your salad). It also showcases what the GreenTech exhibition stands for – it has evolved into a global platform that we can use to involve and attract other industries, investors, and policymakers to help find new insights on and solutions for sustainable food and flower production. Also, the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted just how important it is to nourish yourself with fruit and vegetables. And eating plenty of these will make you happier as well.”

Why have you introduced a new Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Robotics Pavilion (including a Robot Arena) to this year’s show?

“Many of our exhibitors have developed AI solutions and we are seeing a lot of newcomers entering the horticulture market with their AI innovations. This is a growing area that has accelerated during the past few years, and we need to shine the spotlight on it. “Green” is a really interesting prospect for many industries and investors outside of the horticulture market. Just look at the green-tech investment from companies such as Denso and Dyson, for example. They can bring their intelligence to the horticulture industry to help optimise the robotics capability even more. The AI Pavilion and Robot Arena will feature smart automation systems, picking/harvesting robots for different kinds of crops, vision AI, and robotics and logistics.”

The price of energy, and other goods such as steel, have soared in many countries, including The Netherlands. Will cost-saving techniques be a focus of this year’s GreenTech event?

“Absolutely. It’s a big topic and we will be exploring, in-depth, how we can find solutions to the energy crisis. We will be diving into alternative/renewable energy sources, such as solar and geothermal energy. What alternative energies are already successfully being used? And what really works best for our industry?”

Will visitors have the option of tuning in online, as they did last year?

“Some items will be livestreamed. We hope to develop a specific online programme for some countries who are not able to attend the show because of the pandemic. And we plan to use our online platform for “matchmaking” companies prior to the show. But this year is mainly about bringing back the physical show – the online platform cannot compete with that.”

Pre-register now
Visitors can register free of charge on www.greentech.nl between 6 and 13 June; visitors pay the registration fee of €69.99, including VAT per person. Or buy tickets at the door during the show on 14, 15 and 16 June, for €99.99.


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