Evanthia’s Matthiolas, Celosias, snapdragons and sunflowers to be showcased at Keukenhof

Dutch plant breeder Evanthia and a group of cut flower and potted plant growers are putting the finishing touches to a spectacular display at the Netherlands’ iconic flower park Keukenhof, which opens this week.

Throughout Keukenhof’s opening period -23 March – 14 May 2023 – Evanthia will supply various seasonal flowers and potted plants which will be incorporated into colourful displays.

Evanthia’s commercial director Louis Kester says the company’s exhibit is now progressing very well, “Keukenhof is an excellent platform to showcase our genetics and series. We hope to liaise with the park’s global audience, in particular those from the Middle East and Asia, who have had less opportunity to visit the park in recent years.”

Keukenhof’s indoor Oranje Nassau pavilion will alternately feature Matthiola StoX® from Flower XL, Celosia Reprise from Kwekerij Bos Bloemen and Snapdragons from Jan van der Voort, with creative compositions from floral designer Heleen Valstar. Evanthia has also teamed up withl cut flower growers within the “365 Days of Flowers” promotional campaign, which will highlighyt sunflowers, Asparagus, Tanacetum, and snapdragons.

As a sunflower specialist, Evanthia will bring cheer and colour inside the Willem Alexander pavilion too. The first exhibit includes floral displays with sunflower Solano, a series of early, mid and late sunflower varieties with exceptional robustness and well-filled, pollen-free flowers.

Together with the potted Sunflower growers of the Dutch Sunsation® Partnership, the breeding company also provides a bright arrangement. Sunsation® potted sunflowers are known for bringing abundant colour and variety, with richly flowering multi-flower types and flamed, lemon-coloured and golden yellow varieties

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