European Meeting of Potted Plant Wholesalers in Sweden

The international flower trade association Union Fleurs is excited to announce that BRO (Blomsterbranschens Riksorganisation), the Swedish member organisation of Union Fleurs, will host the European Meeting of Potted Plant Wholesalers in Sweden: from Wednesday 19 to Thursday 20 June 2019 in Malmö and Göteborg.

Scheduled is a programme of professional visits (wholesalers, garden centres and growers)  along with an itinerary taking participants from Malmö to Göteborg and back to Malmö. The gathering will conclude with a meeting in the afternoon of 20 June 2019 in Malmö. The main topic for discussion will be ‘Plastics & packaging in the pot plant supply chain: Initiatives and need for European cooperation’.

Further details on the programme and the registration process will be communicated to Union Fleurs members and network in April.

Note that the airport of choice will be Copenhagen (Denmark) and arrival shall be planned on 18 June as the programme will start early on 19 June. Departure shall be scheduled Friday 21 June morning.

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