Ethiopian Cargo ready for one of the biggest logistical challenges in modern history

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia: Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services, the multi-award winning & largest cargo network operator in Africa, owning the largest state-of-the-art cargo terminal in Africa, is preparing to carry Covid-19 vaccines.

The company’s Pharma Wing unit combines best-in-class customer service with an optimal location to  handle pharmaceuticals  and other types of medical supplies.

Ethiopian Cargo’s state-of-the-art pharma handling storage has different climate chambers ranging between -25°C to 25°C and cool dollies, purpose-designed high-tech containers to serve the pharmaceutical industry with a closed temperature-controlled system for the delivery of temperature-sensitive goods between cargo terminals and aircraft. The company is also proud on its real-time temperature monitoring system and dedicated pharma team working 24/7 to handle and deliver medical supplies timely and with efficiency and accuracy .

As witnessed in Ethiopian’s successful role in leading the fast and efficient delivery of PPEs and other medical supplies following the outbreak of COVID-19, the company says it is ready to repeat the globally recognised accomplishment in the upcoming distribution of Covid-19 vaccine.

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