ErfGoed white papers show how to create a resilient plant

MOERKAPELLE, Netherlands: ErfGoed, an international leader in the manufacturing and installation of cultivation floors, has published two white papers outlining the key areas for action needed for more healthy and resilient plants.

The first white paper highlights plant basics: what does a plant react to, and what is the impact? The second white paper focuses on growing techniques. The pertinent question the paper tries to answer is: how do we put the plant in its power?

“For us as ErfGoed, the plant is central. That is also the starting point for offering cultivation floors,” says ErfGoed director Hugo Paans. “And because we place so much value on this topic, we have published two white papers on the subject. Producing and delivering ‘happy’ and healthy plants that’s what it’s all about for us as ErfGoed. And for you as the grower. When a plant is happy, it benefits its yield, and you gain in terms of sustainability.”

The white papers develop the plant health theme from different perspectives and include interviews with stakeholders from within the horticultural supply chain such as seed firm Rijk Zwaan, lighting company Hortilux, plus Peter Geelen, co-author of the book entitled ‘Plant Empowerment’.

Download here white paper 1: ‘The perfect balance to create a high quality plant

Download here white paper 2: ‘How to create a resilient plant?

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