Efficiency at height

WESTLAND, Netherlands: Metazet FormFlex Worldwide, a manufacturer and supplier of a variety of metal products for the horticultural secto, such as support and hanging materials, has revamped its hanging basket system by adding a new control system, an automatic watering unit, multi-layer cultivation options.

The retooled system promotes efficiency in various areas with more than 200 companies among its happy users. Metazet FormFlex is examing additional applications that will benefit the general internal logistics in greenhouse horticulture.

Efficiency has long been a focal point for the industry. “More recently, we’ve fitted the hanging basket system with a new control system. We’ll be demonstrating it at the Cultivate’22 trade show in Ohio, and we’d be pleased to receive feedback from the grower in terms of other supplementary applications. This is how we continue to improve and create added value for customers,” says Dennis van Gaalen of Metazet FormFlex.

Metazet FormFlex’ hanging basket system makes double-tiered cultivating easy , the layout can be divided into sections, and plants are supplied with water automatically. The quantity of water can optionally be maintained via the OASIS water-by-weight system. In addition, the integrated pocket means work can be carried out on plants from a fixed, comfortable position. The system can be installed in both new and existing greenhouses.

The revamped system will be on display between 16-19 July at the Cultivate’22 trade show in Columbus, Ohio.

Metazet FormFlex is an expert in greehouse equipment and internal transport. It produces cultivation systems worldwide for flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit, among other products. Metazet FormFlex develops and produces components in its branches in the Netherlands, Poland, Canada and China. These products promote more efficient cultivation, better returns, and sustainable yields. Metazet FormFlex invests significantly in product development in order to give future-proof horticulture a helping hand.

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