Ecuadorian Protest: another challenge to floriculture?

It’s nearly a week, and protests continue in Ecuador due to the end of gasoline subsidies, triggering a state of emergency by President Guillermo Lasso on Friday. Protesters have blocked major roads and airport access, causing many issues and delays in the flower industry.

YouTube channel The Bloom Show hosted an interview with Eduardo Letort, CEO of Hoja Verde and President of the Cayambe Association of Floriculture, on Friday.

Sahid Nahim leads the interview, and Mr Letort comments on how the continuing Ecuadorean Protest affects the floral culture, the floral industry, the flower industry, and the long-term effects.

The Bloom Show generates awareness through collaboration, networking and creating a sense of community. They work with everyone in the floral supply chain, including growers, importers, wholesalers, distributors, start-ups, breeders and more. The producers are Mr Nahim, founder of New Bloom Solutions (NBS), and David Kaplan, the founder of Above All Flowers (AAF).

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