Earth Alive launches soil probiotic

To help create sustainable growing practices, Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. is introducing its pioneering soil probiotic to home gardeners in the United States. Soil Activator creates healthier plants and higher yields, with reduced fertilizer, and water use.

 “Soil ActivatorTM improves plant nutrient uptake by converting soil minerals into easily absorbable nutrients,” explains Michael Warren, Earth Alive’s CEO. “When applied to soil, preferably at planting, the beneficial microbial population comes to life.”

A blend of naturally occurring microorganisms with a natural forestry by-product, Soil ActivatorTM boosts microbe communities while also adding new microbes to the soil.

Soil ActivatorTM is 100% certified organic containing no genetically modified organisms or chemically synthesized materials. It can also be used in conventional growing allowing the gardener to use less fertilizer to gain the same or better results.

“From one season of use, The Rubio Farm in Trujillo, Peru, more than doubled the farm’s average yield. Soil ActivatorTM produced larger tomato plants, with larger leaves, stronger stems and increased root size,” says Warren. “The farm also reported a longer tomato harvesting period from March through August.”

Soil ActivatorTM has garnered world-wide recognition and is proven to boost yields of dozens of crops including vine and root crops, increasing profitability for anyone growing.

  • Tomatoes in Peru– 50% increase in yield, improved vigor, chlorophyll, plant length, and dry weight
  • Strawberries in Canada– 41% increase in yield, better early season growth
  • Carrots in Canada– 32% increase in yield
  • Melons in France – chemical fertilizer use reduced by 66%, larger fruit, greener foliage, and flowers lasted longer

The product is easy to use. Either mix the powdery substance with water and drench the soil around the plants with the solution or scratch directly into the soil. For best results apply early in the season to give the bacteria a better runway to do their job.

Soil ActivatorTM, produced in Montreal, Quebec, is available to order from major distributors in select US states.

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