Dutch software company announces free webinars to discuss ERP and Apps for seed companies

Author: Ron van der Ploeg

VEENENDAAL, Netherlands: Dutch software company Mprise Agriware will host free webinars on 30 September and 6 October to discuss crop/seed production management and paperless work (Inspect App) respectively. Language: English.

Under normal circumstance Mprise Agriware participates in the annual ‘Seed Meets Technology (SMT)’ event in Zwaagdijk, the Netherlands.  In the past the company teamed up with  Rijk Zwaan and Schoneveld Breeding to hold presentations on data management and the role people play in an IT project. However, this year’s SMT has been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic which prompted Mprise Agriware to come up with two alternative webinars, to which any company related to seed breeding and/or seed production can subscribe.

An important challenge that many seed companies face is managing production contracts with their external growers. Several teams are working on such a contract. It should therefore be possible to work together on the same information. In addition, it should also be made easy to reconnect the production contracts with the production planning. In short, you want insight, control and one single source of information that everyone works with. This is the subject of the first webinar.

Would you like to provide employees in the field or in the greenhouse with up-to-date information from the office? Or do they need to record current data (such as growth results) during inspections and would you like to have this information immediately available at the office? Then sign up for Mprise Agriware’s second webinar to discuss the previously mentioned challenges and witness a short demonstration of the updated Inspect App, in combination with the related ERP solution.

Interested in the topics above? Sign up below for our webinars:

Webinar 1: ‘How to manage your seed company with ERP software?’ (30 September – join the free webinar here )

Webinar 2: ‘Inspect app: from paper and Excel to one digital source.’ (6 October – join the free webinar  here)


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