Dutch mass marketers announce further optimisation of business processes

DFG Westland bedrijven fotografie 2019

DE KWAKEL/HONSELERSDIJK, Netherlands: Following the announcement of their new joint leadership team in February, Bloom, Greenex and Green Partners,  all three part of Dutch Flower Group (DFG) and specialised in supplying mass market floral departments across Europe, announce further optimisation of their key business processes.

Bloom, Greenex (both located in De Kwakel) and Green Partners (located in Naaldwijk)  currently serve a host of multiple retailers in Europe. The companies believe that bringing skills, back office operations and sourcing services together will allow them operate more efficiently and grow more rapidly.

With this in mind the three businesses have decided to bring all processing and shipping activities of bouquets and potted plants under one roof at Betula 11 in De Kwakel, the current location of Bloom and Greenex. Bouquet makers and logistics staff who currently work at the Green Partners branch in Naaldwijk may move with the company to Aalsmeer.

Green Partners’ head office, the beating heart of planning, sourcing, supply chain management, sales and other backoffice operations, will continue to operate from Trade Parc Westland in Naaldwijk.

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