Dutch Italo partnership to fuel joint marketing campaign for Syzygium australe Etna Fire®

A few days before the official opening of its RadicePura garden festival (running until October 31, 2019), Piante Faro invited Plantipp, an independent plant breeders’ agent serving the European market, to their headquarters in Giarre (Sicily) to sign a cooperation agreement that will facilitate the joint marketing and promotion of Syzygium australe Etna Fire (‘Crysyred’PBR) EU 49179 in the European marketplace.

Syzygium austral is a native Australian tree. Its latest ‘offshoot’ is ‘Etna Fire’ which is quickly becoming popular in Mediterranean gardens thanks to their spectacular bright red new growth foliage and their highly effective hedging. ‘Etna Fire’ is also ideal for containers and cityscapes as it is drought tolerant and disease resistant.

The Plantipp delegation was comprised of Reinier and Peter van Rijssen (Plantipp Holland), Jean Pouillart (Globe Planter / Plantipp France, Spain, Portugal) and Matteo Ragni (Plantipp Italy).

Nestled at the foot of Mount Etna, Piante Faro is 600ha nursery dedicated to growing  Mediterranean and sub-tropical plants.

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