Dutch growers and breeders launch a new website to promote the versatility of bouvardias

RIJSENHOUT, Netherlands: The work of four growers, Borgijink Bouvardia, Kwekerij Chrywijk, and Vreeken Bouvardia plus breeder Royal Van Zanten is showcased in a new, dedicated website. Designed as a source of inspiration for florists, the website www.houseofbouvardia.com is the latest activity of the Dutch bouvardia community to identify how florists can take the best advantage of bouvardia as a versatile, exclusive and colourful cut flower.

Bouvardia is a firm favourite with consumers thanks to its star-like, and slightly fragrant flowers. For years, the flower has been at the top of the list as a trendsetter in bridal bouquets.

The new website, however, focuses on bouvardia as a very versatile flower, appropriate for almost every occasion. Thanks to its improved vase life and wider range of colours, bouvardia can now be used much more easily in bouquets for every occasion. Bouvardia looks fantastic both solo and mixed.

Bouvardia is named after Charles Bouvard, the court physician to Louis XIII and head of the ‘Jardin du Roi’ in Paris. And yes, bouvardia has regal looks befitting the origins of its name.

It’s also true that, until recently, bouvardia did have to be treated a bit like ‘royalty’, but that’s now a thing of the past. In breeding, huge progress is made by replacing the diploid varieties by tetraploid varieties, leading to more vigorous and disease and cold-tolerant plants.

In addition, breeder Royal van Zanten has answered the wishes of many florists by expanding the number of colours available. There is now a whole range of single and double flowered varieties of bouvardia to mix and match.

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