Dutch greenhouse builder Technokas earns HortiQ certification

Dutch-based greenhouse builder Technokas has announced its manufacturing process, organisation and core products have been succesfully certified as meeting HortiQ standards.

HortiQ’s newly appointed chairman Hans van der Salm presented the certificate to Technokas boss Simon van der Kaaij.

Operating from its headquarters in De Lier, Technokas has more than 30 years of experience in commercial greenhouses from concept to design and build. Each greenhouse is tailored to the grower’s requirements with the DaglichtKas” (Daylight Greenhouse) being one of their flagship greenhouses. This greenhouse has an ingenious system that captures sunlight and transforms it into hot water.

The HortiQ certificate is an independent and objective quality scheme for greenhouse builders and engineers, and other technical suppliers in the greenhouse industry. The label demonstrates that their products are high-quality and that their business processes are properly set up and controlled.

To receive a HortiQ certificate, companies are tested on their internal processes, organisation and the quality of the product they offer. The demands are based on the NEN standards as recorded in three quality handbooks. These handbooks have been drafted by the ‘Stichting Kwaliteit voor Installaties Nederland’ (KviNL, the Dutch organisation for monitoring the quality of installations). KIWA/Gastec performs checks on companies, an independent certification organisation. The certificate is valid for three years, with intermediate annual checking. The handbooks are continuously updated to reflect the current level of technology and are also available in English for the international market.

Technokas director Van der Kaaij is delighted his company has earned the coveted certification. He says, “HortiQ certification is a powerful tool for building customer trust. Our strategy focuses on quality and sustainability in greenhouse growing and the certificate demonstrates our efforts in this field.”

The newly certified Technokas company joins an already existing family of 22 HortiQ members, including Alcomij, Bosman Van Zaal, Certhon, Dalsem, Enthoven Techniek, Gakon, Genap, Hoogendoorn Growth Management, J.M. van der Hoeven, Horconex, Kubo, PB Techniek, Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects, Van Dijk Heating, Elektravon-Haket, Snelder, Vijverberg, Svensson, Havecon, Stolze, Kemeling, Zantingh, Ridder and MK Kunststof Techniek.

For more information visit www.hortiq.nl

HortiQ’s newly appointed chairman, Hans van der Salm,  (right) presents the HortiQ certificate to Technokas director Simon van der Kaaij.

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