Dutch fern firm announces presence at Cultivate’19

BURGH-HAAMSTEDE, Netherlands: Dutch fern breeder and propagator Vitroplus has announced its nineth successive appearance at the Cultivate show for 13-16 July 2019 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, USA.

Vitroplus is delighted to once again support Cultivate show, a meeting point for professionals in the green business and an event that really brings the industry together like no other show in the USA. For the occasion, 11 tropical and 15 hardy ferns will make their debut at what is touted US’ premier horticultural trade show.

A real show stopper is Koidsuma’s wood fern (pictured) also known as Dryopteris koidzumiana. This  evergreen novelty fern originates from Japan and is quickly becoming popular in gardens thanks to its brick red new growth foliage. The hardy dainted lady fern (Athyrium minimum) is initially a somewhat slow-growing species, evolving in a truly beautiful specimen and larger than its name suggests. The stems are very nicely colored wine red and the leaves are very finely divided and have a trailing habit.

In tropical ferns, crazy rita fern (Nephrolepsis exaltata stands out for its vigorous growth. It will fill up the pot quickly and keeps doing this even after older leaves start drooping. In its natural habitat, the creeping shield fern (Lastreopsis microsora) can be found on shady damp riverbanks. Indoors it makes the ideal houseplant.

Vitro Plus told FCI it can already fill in small orders of these new varieties, but only on demand, not from stock.  Most of these new additions are produced on plugs.

Want to see more novelties from the Dutch fern firm visit www.vitroplus.nl

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