Dutch Culture Group for Roses and Rootstock launches annual campaign encouraging consumers to purchase garden roses

Rosa ‘Summer Love’.

HILLEGOM, Netherlands: The Culture Group for Roses and Rootstocks -with its secretariat running under the Dutch industry body Royal Anthos, today announced the launch of its annual campaign to encourage consumers to purchase garden roses when planting their gardens and patio containers.

The campaign and its tagline ‘Roses, a must-have for gardens and balconies’ focuses on the rich colour palette of garden roses and the ultimate summer feeling they provide.

The message is that garden roses come in a rainbow of colours ranging from virgin white to bright red and everything in between, except blue.

Some rose blooms are multi-coloured or striped. Rose shapes also vary: from low ground covers to tall climbers, with modest flowers as small as marbles to fist-sized blooms.

Summer vibes

Most roses like a spot that gets at least 4 hours of sun. The more sun, the more abundant the flowering. The advantage of garden roses is that, once they are established, they will continue to bloom during hot and dry periods. They are able to do this because they are deeply rooted. With the abundance of colour and scent, the summer vibes come naturally.

Summer pruning for more flowering

The campaign has also an eductional aspect in that it explains consumers that there is such a thing as ‘summer pruning’ apart from the traditional spring pruning. Consumers are encouraged to trim wilted flowers just above the first large healthy leaf. It usually has five (partial) leaves, sometimes seven or more. The rose will then put all its energy into creating new flower buds. If roses are getting too big, prune long branches back to no more than halfway up the branch. Roses often continue to bloom until the first frost. Not as abundantly as in summer, but because few other plants are flowering then, they will stand out even more!

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