Dutch-based Santini grower Richard Van Schie partners with grower’s alliance VannoVa Master Growers

Santini grower Richard van Schie will soon join forces with Dutch Chrysanthemum powerhouse VannoVa. Operating from two different sites in Monster and Naaldwijk, spanning a combined santini production area of 5.6ha, Richard van Schie is set to produce around 30 million santinis per year.

VannoVa, a Dutch cooperative of top chrysanthemum nurseries, including Guus van Leeuwen, Ed van Paassen, J&A Flowers, Van Leeuwen Flowers, Visser Chrysanten, Fred and Jan van Paassen, and Maatschap Van Wijk, is delighted to have Richard van Schie on board. The grower from Monster has many years of experience in Chrysanthemum growing. The GlobalGAP-certified Chrysanthemum nursery spans 3ha and produces around 14 million stems per year.

The addition of the on-trend Santinis of Van Schie allows VannoVa to offer its wholesale customers a more diversified portfolio than ever before. In turn, by joining the VannoVa community, gives Richard van Schie access to VannoVa’s webshop and distribution hub.

VannoVa chairman Remco van Ruyven says, “Our association has made huge strides forward with collaboration becoming more important than ever. It brings us more together and helps us learn from each other as every VannoVa grower is an expert in his field. By adding Santinis to our product range, Vannova has become a one stop shop for disbudded mums, spray chrysanthemums and santinis.”

Richard van Schie is recognised for his innovative approach, always keen to try new things. In December, the Santini grower, with the support of Chrysanthemum breeder and propagator Floritec,  welcomed a new addition to the Maverick family, a new range of world-class Santinis.

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