Dutch-based Bosman Van Zaal and Dordt Contractors & Management from Ontario ink collaboration agreement

Left to right Willem Ligthart, Directeur Dordt Contractors & Water Management and (r) CEO Marco Braam van Bosman Van Zaal.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: Bosman Van Zaal CEO Marco Braam and Willem Ligthart, director of Dordt Contractors & Water Management put their signatures to the agreement on  14 June at GreenTech.

The new partnership will see both parties bundling their knowledge to support the food and floriculture sector, the pharmaceutical industry and agrotech companies in Canada more efficiently.

Cultivation installations

The collaboration mainly relates to Bosman Van Zaal’s core activities of water, electricity, heating and cooling. Systems and installations developed by the multidisciplinary team of engineers in the Netherlands are tailored to the requirements and wishes of local markets such as Canada.

From now on, they will work closely with the Dordt Water Management team for this market. The execution will remain entirely in the hands of the Canadian company.

Canadian collaboration

Dordt Water Management from Ontario remains the point of contact for Canadian growers. For complex issues, a multidisciplinary team is put together, which also includes Bosman Van Zaal’s engineers. These technicians then work with the established starting points to find inventive, smart and practical solutions for Canadian growers.

Complete technical offer

The name Dordt Water Management will remain unchanged for the time being and their range of products and services will also be maintained. However, installations and systems from Bosman Van Zaal are added in order to be able to serve the Canadian grower better and more completely.

Focus on local markets

The new partnership is in line with Bosman Van Zaal’s strategy, which is aimed at attuning its high-quality knowledge to the needs of local markets and sectors. For this reason, they increasingly make use of local persons and existing organisations, who have the right contacts in the area and who have a better understanding of the local market demand.



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