Dümmen Orange presents the best in mini-poinsettias


DE LIER, Netherlands: Dümmen Orange, the world’s largest breeder and propagator of cut flowers, bulbs, tropical plants, pot plants, bedding plants and perennials, says its J’Adore series of poinsettias is ideal for growing mini-poinsettias, which for the past few years have become a firm favourite among garden centre shoppers.

When it comes to mini-poinsettias, growers need reliable varieties that are suited to this type of cultivation. Marking the new Poinsettia season is Dümmen Orange’s tailored assortment for mini poinsettias. This time,  it includes the top favorite J’Adore White Pearl and Scandic Early 2.0 varieties.

Poinsettia J’Adore ‘White Pearl’ grown as mini-poinsettia.

Growers can choose from a range of 18 different poinsettias to cultivate as mini-poinsettias. Among them are varieties with a diverse range of bract colours and shapes, such as classic red, deep pink, delicate white and cream tones, single-coloured or two-tone, smooth or crinkly. The company stresses that bract size, growth characteristics, growth habit and shelf life make all 18 varieties tailor-made for producing miniature poinsettias.

Its compact growth habit, perfect bract size and excellent shelf life make J’Adore White Pearl ideal for high-density cultivation. What is more, it also boasts the same qualities as the rest of the J’Adore family: a distinctive round habit, a strong, V-shaped plant structure, a response time of 7 weeks and the same earliness. The contrast of the white bracts against the dark green leaves make J’Adore White Pearl a strong mini poinsettia .

Also suited for mini production is the red Scandic Early 2.0 from the NanoBract series. It has a number of small, compact bracts – an important prerequisite for single-stemmed poinsettia production. As a NanoBract variety, it also guarantees good transport, growth and shelf life properties. Their tiny, slender nanobracts at a uniform height and slim plant structure also mean they are ideally suited to high-density cultivation. Scandic Early 2.0 has a response time of 8 weeks and is part of our medium-early assortment.

Mini-poinsettias have been capturing the hearts of consumers for several years now, and the trend is rising. Combined in colourful mixes, they are right on trend.

Mini poinsettias are perfect for creating a colorful Christmas and are more on trend than ever. From its assortment of 18 individual varieties, Dümmen Orange especially recommends the white J’Adore White Pearl from the J’Adore family and the red NanoBract variety Scandic Early 2.0. Both are superb for producing under high-density cultivation conditions. (Image: Dümmen Orange)

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