Dümmen Orange, Floramedia and Royal Lemkes launch Green Trend Report 2020/2021

A crowd of around 150 marketeers, trend gurus, growers, floral wholesalers, researchers and breeders gathered yesterday (November 28) at the headquarters of Royal Lemkes, one of Europe’s biggest exporters of plants. They were here to witness the release of the 2020/2021 Green Trend Report, unveiling several green trends that, in the view of its makers Dümmen Orange, Floramedia and Royal Lemkes, will drive the future.

Royal Lemkes’ Ellis van Veen gave some introductory comments on trends. Then the report’s co-author, and Floramedia’s art director, Judith Klute (touted the Mother of All Green Trends) was invited on stage to highlight what consumers care about and to uncover what their priorities and opinions are.

Among the megatrends that will be of impact to the ornamental horticulture industry in the next two years are Craft Economy, Green Connection, Urbanisation, Global Individuals, Aquaculture, Space Odessey, Ageing and Climate Change.

Container trends to go potty over

Pot manufacturers are aware because craftmanship is making a return. Gone are the days when a plant in a plastic pot was something consumers contented themselves with, at least if we take faith in Klute’s predictions. Next year maybe heralding a new era with cyclamen in a beautifully hand-decorated and locally produced Delft blue plant pot, or a stylish bouquet of Strelitzia is an authentic Murano vase. Handmade and locally produced goods that share a history and a heritage are hot and are proof that among consumers, there’s a growing awareness of the downside of mass production and cheap merchandise.

The rise of green-fingered influencers

The popularity of social media and the rise of gardening communities means there are more opportunities for the green industry to connect with the online world of plant aficionados and their Instaplants influencers – such as Mama Botanica. The Green Trends Report suggests associating with ‘green millennials’ who are actively sharing their green knowledge with their followers.

Finding green peace in urban settings

Urbanisation is another trend the industry should be cleverly utilising. Over half of the world’s population currently live in urban areas, and by 2050 the number of city dwellers will have risen to 70 per cent. In a concrete jungle, however, residents increasingly fight against sensory overload, which makes them crave ‘more space’, ‘less stuff’, ‘more clarity’ and peace of mind. As such, there is no better way to calm your mind than by surrounding yourself with plants and flowers.

“The benefits of access to green spaces on physical and mental health is well-established”, says Klute. Her message is entirely in line with the words of Audrey Gerber from AIPH, the International Association of Horticultural Plant Producers that among others is leading the global Green City movement. Gerber says that the message from the horticultural industry must go beyond merely promoting and selling plants, to also selling fresh air, cool streets, solutions to water management and feeling good.

Good vibrations for plants

Speaking of feeling good, the book launch’s side presentation by the Green Submarine was the most fun part of the afternoon. Talking nicely to plants helps them grow faster was the message of Sieta van Horck and Lex Joosten.

They treated their somewhat sceptical audience to a mini-seminar on sound science which explains how a plant’s growth can be affected by different types of sound waves. Attendees could interactively log in with their mobile phones to choose the sound they thought was most plant boasting.

The Green Trends Report 2020/2021 had its ante premiere in Bleiswijk on November 28, 2019, and is set to make its global debut at the forthcoming IPM Essen show in Essen, Germany next year January. Click here for online purchasing of The Green Trend Report 2020/2021.

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