Dümmen Orange and Hjortebjerg intensify collaboration in Euphorbia milii

DE LIER, Netherlands: Dümmen Orange, the world’s largest floricultural breeder and propagator, and Denmark-based nursery Hjortebjerg entered into an agreement to further intensify their collaboration in the genetics of Euphorbia milii. With this collaboration, Dümmen Orange and Hjortebjerg also scale up the production and distribution of Euphorbia milii plants.

Euphorbia milii.

Euphorbia milii became part of Dümmen Orange’s broad assortment of tropical plants in 2018. Maureen van Leeuwen, managing director of the Tropicals Business Unit at Dümmen Orange: “We have been working closely with Hjortebjerg in the production and distribution of Euphorbia milii for several years. Intensifying our cooperation enables us to improve the genetics of Euphorbia milii and expand our proprietary portfolio. We can now further invest in this beautiful crop and deliver to our customers in Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America even more stunning Euphorbia milii products’.

The cooperation between Dümmen Orange and Hjortebjerg effectively means that Hjortebjerg shall continue to grow finished plants of Euphorbia milii in 6, 11, 13 and 17 cm pots. Furthermore, Hjortebjerg will act as Dümmen Orange’s distributor of (un)rooted Euphorbia milii young plants in Denmark. Steen Thomsen, director and owner of Hjortebjerg, on the cooperation: ‘We are proud that together with Dümmen Orange we can improve and expand the Euphorbia milii portfolio in order to serve the customer with a diverse and superb product range. Dümmen Orange and production partner PT Florion based in Indonesia, will be ready to serve the increasing demand for this beautiful crop.’

Pictured left to right are Clemens Wittenberg (crop specialist at Dümmen Orange,  Hjortebjerg owner and boss Steen Thomsen and director Tropicals Business Unit at Dümmen Orange Maureen van Leeuwen.

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