Digitalisation of the ornamentals sector continues

AALSMEER, Netherlands: Access the community of flower and plant growers and their certified products and operations on the go! Easy to check, update and to use, the new DFG/Certifye Certification wallet puts all certification details at the wholesaler’s and retailer’s fingertips.

Flower and plant growers have a variety of certifications relating to quality, environmental matters, social conditions and sustainability. These certificates are often requested by trading companies to satisfy their customers’ demands for transparency around supply chain sustainability. To make it easier for growers, and the companies they trade with, to manage these certificates and make them visible to relevant parties, Dutch Flower Group (DFG) and Certifeye have teamed up to introduce the Certifeye Wallet.

Raimon Loman, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Manager at Dutch Flower Group: “With Certifeye’s help, DFG now has access to a fully up-to-date overview of each grower’s certificates. We are the first to make use of the Certifeye Wallet for the growers with whom we do business.”

Growers can now easily upload their certificates to the Certifeye Wallet, at no cost to themselves. Certifeye takes full care of monitoring validity periods and sending reminders when certificates are due to expire. This means growers can respond to the many requests they get to provide certificates, simply by forwarding a link to the Wallet. With this, access to certification is now much easier throughout the supply chain. “This demands minimal effort”, explains Fred Vahlkamp of Certifeye. “Customers only have to subscribe to a supplier’s Wallet to automatically get notified when new certificates are added.”

Growers whose certificates are fully in order are marked green in the overview used by DFG companies’ administrations. The platform fully looks after the processing of and communication of all these certificates.

Raimon Loman: “We expect to activate around a thousand Wallets in the next few weeks. We’ll be assisting our growers by placing all the certificates currently known in our administration into Certifeye Wallets. We’ll then invite each grower to check their Wallet and take ownership of it. By providing this service to our growers, completely free of charge, we are making an investment which will save us time in the future while further digitalising our processes. Having reliable insights into our suppliers’ statuses is exactly where we want to be.”

Raising a symbolic glass, Fred Vahlkamp concludes: “When all the parties involved keep their affairs up-to-date, everyone’s workload is smaller; the platform takes care of the rest. We are very happy with the result of an intensive cooperation with DFG. That’s something worth toasting.”

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