Digital marketing trends to follow in 2022

ENCINITAS, USA: It’s officially 2022, and that means it’s a new year with new trends to follow when it comes to marketing your business. Digital marketing is always evolving to keep up with the current technology available. Our friends at Forbes hint that 2022 will be a year of significant change when it comes to navigating the digital landscape. Here are some top trends to look out for in the new year.

  • Influencers are (still) on the rise

Having an influencer or someone who spreads that word about your brand is a growing aspect of digital marketing. Influencers can be whoever you want them to be and don’t have to fit the stereotypical mold. Think of starting small with more along the lines of a brand ambassador. It can be a loyal customer or knowledgeable employee who is featured on your social channels spreading the word about your brand.

  • LinkedIn is on the up & up

LinkedIn continues quarter after quarter to show increases in users and engagement. While LinkedIn has a variety of uses, you can (and should) treat this like another social channel.

  • Websites are only improving

In 2021, websites received more mobile traffic than ever before and this is a trend that’s going to stick around. While this trend dominates most companies still don’t have fully mobile-optimized sites. Make it a goal of yours to learn more about how you can improve mobile user experiences on your website.

  • Algorithms are leading the charge in the digital world

Let the algorithms work for you, not against you. Every time you post to social media, send out an e-mail or use display ads they are being filtered through an algorithm. To make sure this benefits you, always ensure you are creating quality content. If you are putting out content that users want to see and helping these channels create better user experiences you can expect to reach more people!

Finally, don’t spread yourself too thin. Not sure how to navigate all the channels? That’s okay. Focus on ruling one channel, putting your best content and time into one channel and once you’ve found your footing there, you can give more a try! Remember while new digital tools are always exciting, your core marketing strategy is what will help set you apart. Look at digital marketing tools for what they are…tools, to be integrated into a larger plan that tells customers who you are and what you’re about.

Author: Kerstin Poehlmann, President Pen & Petal Inc

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