Delphy Academy expands its reach to help hortipreneurs in crop production

Delphy’s Ms Lisanne Helmus-Schuddebeurs updates growers about the preliminary outcome of a two-year LED trial in Phalaenopsis.

Delphy, the Dutch knowledge-sharing organisation and service provider for horticulturists worldwide has confirmed substantial investments to expand its Delphy Academy to include hortipreneurs in the field and in their greenhouse.

Founded in 2021, Delphy Academy initially focused on internal education, training and coaching of employees including aspects of new hire onboarding. The Academy’s ultimate goal is that each new Delphy employee becomes an expert in his/her field.

Delphy Academy is now also available for horticultural professionals from outside the Delphy organisation, helping them broadening their knowledge and gaining in-demand skills in the field of, for example, crop culture, plant physiology, fertilisation, and IPM. The Delphy Academy also provides on-the-job trainings.

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