Decorum recognises Best Buyers and Best Growers

NAALDWIJK, the Netherlands: Dutch growers Arcadia Chrysanten and Ter Laak along with floral wholesalers Enigma and OZ Planten have been awarded the prestigious Decorum Awards for Best Grower and Best Buyer respectively.

The Decorum Awards recognise overall excellence in business performance, reliability and service. Decorum is a joint venture of potted plant and cut flower growers from the Netherlands.

The trophy’s were presented at Wollebrand’s party centre during Decorum’s reception for the New Year on Thursday January 17, 2019. In 2013, OZ Planten was already a winner of the Decorum Award in the wholesale category.

Decorum Chair Johan Grootscholten who presented the winners with the coveted 2019 Decorum Awards.

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