Dave Koranski alias Dr Plug falls victim to Covid-19

Author: Paul Pilon

CHICAGO, USA: According to the American news outlet Perennial Pulse, reporting news on the global perennial plant market, the industry recently lost one of its pioneers, Dr. Dave Koranski. Dr. Koranski fell victim to COVID-19 on Thursday, October 1.

Many American industry professionals knew him as Dr. K, or “Dr. Plug,” referring to the influence he’s had with the development and success of the plug most, if not all, commercial propagators utilize today.

Dr Plug (right) mentored thousands of growers throughout is career.

He was a Horticulture Professor at Iowa State University (ISU) from 1984 to 1995 and has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate students, and mentored hundreds, if not thousands, of growers over the course of his long, great career. He was the founder of the International Plug Conference that many of us have attended over the years and co-authored “Plug and Transplant Production: A Grower’s Guide” with industry expert Dr. Roger Styer. Dr Koranski was an independent consultant (ETA. Inc.), helping numerous growers over the years.

Dr. K was an avid hunter and mentored thousands of growers throughout his career.

Scott Swift of Swift Greenhouses shared, “He was the best friend a grower could have and would freely help anyone who asked him how to fix their problems and to grow the best plants they could.”

Roger Styer of Styer’s Horticultural Consulting, Inc. had this to say about Dr. K: “He will be greatly missed by the thousands of growers he has taught over the years and touched their lives. I am proud to have called him a friend!”

These are just a couple examples of how Dr. K has touched the lives of so many growers. His contributions to our industry were significant and he will truly be missed.

Thank you, Dr. K, for all that you’ve done. I and so many others will truly miss you. May you rest in peace. I’d also like to express my deepest condolences to Dr. Ks wife, Joyce.

Source: Perennial Pulse, author Paul Pilon.

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