Horticultural data has the greatest value if it is presented in the right way

Last week, Codema SDF hosted a Data Meeting for growers of cutting flowers and potted plants. The meeting gave growers more insight into the large amount of data they have available and the best way to present these data. It also indicates in what they can achieve with each other. The meeting was organized in Tomato World in Honselersdijk.

Together much more can be achieved. The purpose of the data meeting was to provide insight into how large amounts of data can be converted into useful information. Data has the greatest value if it is presented in the right way.

The goal was largely achieved, but perhaps the most important insight the attendees received is that together much more can be achieved, than alone. The conversation was about the similarities between unique companies. On some subjects more than 80% agreement could be found. A standard dashboard on which the main indicators are visible was therefore suggested as a viable card. The meeting proved to be a good starting point to continue talking about useful data.

Codema SDF consultant Sjors’ t Hoen presented with enthusiasm and gave the audience the opportunity to start an open discussion. An example of the questions that came up was: “I know how to name such things as turnover, but what about the margin per cart and per customer?” These types of answers can be clearly visible with the correct display of data. Customers with a large turnover often seem interesting, but may be less interesting in terms of margins.

In the future, Codema SDF will organize more of such data meetings, which will take a closer look at the subject. You simply come to the best insights with each other.

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