Danziger’s new interactive online event to be broadcasted live every month

MISHMAR HASIVA, Israel: Plant breeder and propagator Danziger from Israel is delighted to announce ‘Danziger Live’, an interactive online event that will broadcast live every month. ‘Danziger Live’ is an informative , entertaining programme which will keep florists up to date with what’s happening in the global floristry industry. In the first episode on 24 March, floral marketing guru and UK florist Alison Bradley will interview designers about their successes and the future of floristry. Registration is now open at Facebook

Topics to be covered include: From perceived value to innovation in design; How to attract the most effective kind of social media attention; Creating a brand; How to connect with mainstream media; How to upsell; What is commercial and what isn’t and How to connect with your real audience.

“We think it is important to provide the global community of florists with in-depth content and a platform for knowledge sharing and the exchange of ideas and research findings,” says Ori Danziger, the Deputy CEO of Danziger. “We are excited and nvite all florists to get involved. Where possible, we will ask or answer their questions during the interviews and all for free,” Danziger adds. He continues, “We are thrilled to have Alison Bradley on board, as part of our shared mission to inspire and support florists around the world. Listed as one of the top 50 most influential people in the flower industry, Alison Bradley is a legend, and to listen to her, is just an inspiration for all of us.”

Join for the episode of Danziger Live with Alison and floral designer Ahti Lyra will invite participants to ‘Be Different’.  Famous for his exciting and sometimes controversial designs, Ahti will explain why he continuously challenges himself to find original concepts to make artistic floristry more commercial.  What originally started as an exercise in being successful in competitions has developed into a commercial success story.  Ahti’s concepts have found another unexpected success as he now finds himself regularly travelling the world to teach.  Daring to be different has allowed him to live the dream.

Save your spot for the inaugural  ‘Danziger Live’ event here

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