Danziger hails 2018 IPM show a success

MISHMAR HASHIVA: Israel, IPM Essen was a big success for Danziger. The global breeder presented a larger collection, inviting the visitors to explore their assortment of both bedding plants and cut flowers. One outstanding product was the Golden Empire™, a member of Danziger’s TIMELESS™ Bidens collection.

“We decided to create a more focused display this year in Essen. Instead of having many different varieties on our display, we chose to exhibit only varieties from our TIMELESS™ collection and from our AMORE™ Petunia series. This turned out to be a smart decision” says Ayala Zilberman, Europe Sales Manager at Danziger.

TIMELESS™ is a rather new brand of Danziger’s Bidens, debuted at the 2017 Flower Trials.

“Our R&D has managed to create a large, diverse, unique and innovative assortment of Bidens. From top of the line best sellers, such as the Blazing Glory™ and Yellow Charm™ to new colors like the Pretty in Pink™, and unique varieties like the Golden Empire™. Danziger thus offers a “one stop shop” of Bidens, with all types and colors of Bidens, in one place. We called it our TIMELESS™ Collection, as we look at these varieties like a “family”, gathering all members from the more traditional to the “young and kicking” under the same umbrella of high quality Bidens brand” says Liat Kaplan, Global Marketing Manager.

“This exhibition was definitely very good for the Golden Empire™. People kept asking me “Is that Bidens?” and I was happy to answer- yes. This is actually one of my favorite Bidens varieties, as it so floriferous, regenerating flowers, and it has a tall, “royal” appearance, one cannot ignore” says Ayala.

Danziger will present the TIMELESS™ Collection again during the upcoming CAST event and at the 2018 Flower Trials.

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