Danziger to host Open Days in the Netherlands

MISHMAR HASHIVA, Israel: Israel-based plant breeder and propagator Danziger will be hosting Open Days at Imperial Plants in the Netherlands. The event, providing a substitute for this year’s cancelled FlowerTrials, will be held from 9 to 12 June and will showcase shining and colourful examples of innovative plant breeding.

In 2021, the company will launch seven new series, innovative novelties and clever marketing  programmes, all with one goal: to provide solutions and added value for growers, retailers and the end consumer.

“When it comes to our new varieties and programmes, we do everything with the grower in mind,” says Ori Danziger, deputy CEO. “Over the past few years, we have had a larger international team looking at our new genetics. This knowledgeable team not only helps us choose the best varieties, they help us choose the ones that can solve the challenges growers face every day.”

These solutions help growers work more efficiently, ultimately allowing their business to be more profitable. “We’re talking about genetics that require less inputs, series that stay naturally uniform and varieties that are easier and less time-intensive to grow,” says Ori Danziger, “Best of all, these plants look great longer at retail and provide excellent performance in the home garden.”

The Danziger team in collaboration with Imperial Plants have decided to showcase all the new varieties during a special Open House allowing customers to better evaluate the new series and varieties for the coming season. “Despite the situation, we have decided to give our partners the opportunity to see our new assortment with their own eyes” says Amir Dor, Director of bedding sales “We invite our local partners to come and enjoy a professional, private and safe presentation.”

Here’s what you can expect at Danziger’s Open House:

HARMONY® COLORFALL™ New Guinea Impatiens – Brand New 2021 Series

HARMONY®COLORFALL is the first trailing line of NGI on the market, specially designed for hanging baskets. COLORFALL features all the wonderful traits of the HARMONY series, including large flowers and uniform growth, with the unique trailing habit. This innovative New Guinea series is available in four colors including white, light pink, neon red and pink. It is perfect for adding a new twist to shade hanging baskets and in combinations.

SCOOP® Petunia – Brand New 2021 Series

SCOOP® Petunias provide a bright scoop of color in a compact serving. SCOOP stays naturally compact, with minimal or no PGRs, making it a great choice for high density production. This series was selected because of its performance in 10.5-15CM pots with a stunning mound of color. Choose from eight colors including Watermelon, Lemon Ice and Cherry Gelato.

SCOOP series will be offered on an exclusive base for every region country with a full retail package. A successful pre-launch pilot was conducted with INTRATUIN this spring and proved to be a hit!

SPLASH DANCE® Petunia – Brand New 2021 Series

Get ready to show off your dance moves with the new Splash Dance, Petunia series. Splash Dance brings more enjoyment to the speckled pattern petunia world, as this series holds its pattern longer during the summer. This series blooms early enough for any market, with a uniform trailing habit.

The Splash Dance series is available in Bolero Blue, Purple Polka, Magenta Mambo. All three colors add a little speckled swagger to 12-17 cm pots and hanging baskets.

CAPELLA™ Petunia Series – New 2021 Varieties

The perfect petunia gets even better with the addition of five new colors. Cherry Vanilla, Purple, Salmon, Cardinal Red and Soft Yellow join the CAPELLAװ series in 2021. CAPELLA is quickly becoming a grower favorite. This innovative petunia performs well in propagation, requires minimal PGR to create a tidy 12 cm and blooms early enough for any petunia program. CAPELLA creates stunning 12 cm, baskets and combinations that draw the eye at retail and continue to perform in the home garden. The five new colors mean that the CAPELLA series is now available in a dozen color options.

VANESSA™ Verbena – New 2021 Varieties

Home gardeners are looking for dependable, season-long color and VANESSAװ Verbena delivers. Trialed and selected for superior mildew tolerance and cycling of color, both VANESSA and VANESSA Compact varieties bring vibrant blooms that hold their color even in the heat of summer. Look for three new colors in the VANESSA series and new VANESSA Compact Optik Lavender.

The Vanessa series is already considered to be one of the leading Verbena series in the market, due to its unique advantages.


Danziger and Imperial Plants Open House Quick Facts

Dates: 9-12 June 2020

Opening hours: 9am – 5pm

Location: Imperial Plants, Anthuriumweg 43, 2665 KV Bleiswijk, the Netherlands

To pre-book a guided tour contact Danziger’s  EU market manager, Ayala Zilberman – Mobile: +972-52-8477510  Ayala@danziger.co.il

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