Danziger to host Open Days in the Netherlands

MISHMAR HASHIVA, Israel: Israel-based plant breeder and propagator Danziger will be hosting Open Days at Imperial Plants in the Netherlands. The event, providing a substitute for this year’s cancelled FlowerTrials, will be held from 15 to 25 June 2021 and will showcase shining and colourful examples of innovative plant breeding.

In 2022, the company will launch innovative novelties and clever marketing  programmes, all with one goal: to provide solutions and added value for growers, retailers and the end consumer.

The Danziger team in collaboration with Imperial Plants have decided to showcase all the new varieties during a special Open House allowing customers to better evaluate the new series and varieties for the coming season.

According to Pantone, the world-renowned authority on colour, yellow is this year the ultimate colour trend, and Danziger has excitingly new plant varieties to match and combine with this trend.

Here’s what you can expect at Danziger’s Open House:

CAPELLA™ Hello Yellow™ Petunia

Capella™ Hello Yellow™ Petunia is a new variety that greets consumers with bold, eye-catching bright yellow flowers that shine from a distance. As a part of Hello Yellow™’s  launch, Danziger chose to take advantage of its blast of good energy and together with a great team spirit, we made an old facility of children at risk village, look happier and filled it with joyful color. Hello Yellow reminds us how plants can create a positive effect on our spirit and how being surrounded by plants can make everyone feel happier. We believe that Hello Yellow will keep on illuminating more places around the globe and put a smile on peoples face.

Watch the story of Hello Yellow™ here

Hello Yellow™ is an important addition to the Capella™ series. It performs well in propagation and continues to gain size in the home garden—a win-win for growers and end consumers alike. This early bloomer is well suited for small pots, hanging baskets and combos.


GOLF™ Beauty Craspedia

Golf™ Beauty Craspedia’s playful golf-ball-shaped yellow blooms belong in a book of Dr. Seuss, an American writer and illustrator of popular children’s books.  With more vigor and flower power than ever before, this unique plant is a stunner in gallon-sized containers and up. Unique innovation with its special appearance and also by the fact that the end consumer can harvest it from his or her garden and bring joy to their house.





NESIA™ Inca Nemesia

If you think nemesia are only for spring, think again. Danziger’s NESIA™ series has great heat tolerance, allowing it to flower from early spring all through the summer. NESIA Inca, new for 2022, features on-trend, deep yellow blooms that pair well in combos. Its consistent habit makes it a great plant for packs, quarts and gallons too.







Danziger/Imperial Plants Open House Quick Facts

Dates: 15-25 June 2021

Opening hours: 9am – 5pm

Location: Imperial Plants, Anthuriumweg 43, 2665 KV Bleiswijk, the Netherlands

Pre-book a guided tour contact here Flower Trials 2022 – Danziger (danzigeronline.com)

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