Danziger seeks new growth from cut roses

MISHMAR HASIVA, Israel: Plant breeder and propagator Danziger from Israel today revealed its plan to beef up its business by entering the global market for cut roses.  The company’s new Senti brand includes five new varieties with large and median-sized blooms which will be the stars of two Open House events in Ecuador and Colombia during the last two weeks of March.

According Danziger, adding cut roses to their already vast assortiment of cut flowers and bedding plants marks an ‘exciting step’ in the company’s 68-year history. Roses, they say, will provide an opportunity to create added value for growers around the globe.

Danziger serves more than 1,000 customers in 60 countries and expanding their business by adding  cut roses to their portfolio is a ‘strategic move forward and an integral part of our vision, our promise to growers and our commitment to genetic innovation resulting in new assortments.’

SENTI™, deriving from the Latin word to decribe ‘feel and experience’, is Danziger’s newest brand name including five varieties in burgundy red, soft yellow, dark pink, peach and light peach.

To ensure a healthy roses with a long shelf life Danziger has teamed up with German rose breeder Gefa Rosen in Hamburg. Gefa Rosen has more than 60 years of experience in rose breeding and is owned by Klaus Geereking.

From a small greenhouse in Germany, Klaus’ company moved to larger facilities and continued to grow and blossom. Klaus is renowned for breeding unique, world-class rose varieties with test trials and sales in main locations such as Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, and Ethiopia. “Purchasing rose genetics from Klaus enables us to benefit from the valuable advantages of proven genetic load, extensive familiarity with market needs, as well as reliable plant material” says Gaby Danziger. The acquisition of Klaus’ very large and broad germplasm was another stage of evolution of our independent breeding activities over the past years, as we accumulated rich knowledge in the cultivation, breeding, propagation, and growth of roses.

Danziger will showcase its new roses during Open House events in Colombia and Ecuador.

Ecuador Open Days – to be held from 17 to 31 of March.

Colombia Open Days – to be held from 16 to 25 of March.

In Kenya, Danziger has three rose greenhouses – a showcase, breeding area and blooming area.  Growers in Kenya are cordially invited to visit the farm any time to learn about the company’s newest rose varieties.

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