Danziger hails success of online NovemberFest

Petunia Capella Hello Yellow , a bred of Danziger.

MISHMAR HASIVA, Israel: Plant breeder and propagator Danziger from Israel has hailed the move to turn NovemberFest, its annual open house, into an online event as a great success.

Danziger’s NovemberFest, under normal circumstances held at the company’s research and development facilities in Israel, is a chance for industry leaders to explore Danziger’s latest genetics. With travel restrictions in place, the Danziger team pivoted to an interactive digital event. Through the virtual experience, Danziger was able to bring Novemberfest to customers, partners and growers around the world.

“Of course, we would rather welcome everyone in person to our facility in Israel,” says Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO. “But this challenge has opened new doors and expanded how we interact with our customers. Using creativity and technology we were able to bring the Novemberfest experience to more of our partners. They really were able to feel like they were viewing live plants.”

The presentation featured a personal video tour of the tissue culture labs, an area with typically limited viewing opportunities. Short videos and images of the plants from locations around the world gave customers and partners the opportunity to see different growing conditions. Danziger also created a 3D Virtual Greenhouse Tour using technology more commonly found in the real estate business to create virtual home tours.

Danziger has long felt that the November timing for a season launch offers many benefits. “One of the great things about presenting the 2022 introductions during this time of year is that growers can request trial plants for finishing during their normal 2021 season,” adds Ori Danziger. “Allowing our customers to grow and finish new varieties at their facilities, under their conditions and schedules is part of our commitment to their success.” Danziger has expanded its availability of the 2022 introductions to meet increased requests of trial material. Customers can create a personalised trial plant plan by scheduling time with a Danziger team member. Contact the company by clicking here

During NovemberFest 2020, visitors took a 360 virtual tour of the R&D facility in Israel and explored Danziger’s vast assortment and new genetics for the 2022 season, featuring 66 new varieties, three new series, and one brand new crop. Among others, Danziger presented:

CAPELLA™ – Danziger’s flagship series is proud to introduce “Hello Yellow”, the perfect Petunia in a perfect yellow colour. CAPELLA™ is quickly becoming the growers’ favorite. This innovative petunia performs well in propagation, requires minimal PGR and blooms early enough for any petunia programme. CAPELLA™ creates stunning 12 cm. baskets and combinations that draw the eye at retail and continue to perform in the home garden.

LOLLIES™ – A new Argyranthemum uniform series comprising of 5 bright colours that gives a treat of color to any retail display or at the end consumer’s house. LOLLIES™ series will be offered with a full retail package including POP concept and a fun storytelling.

HARMONY® COLORFALL™ – Are you ready for a true breeding breakthrough in New Guinea Impatiens? HARMONY®COLORFALL™ is the first trailing line of NGI on the market, specially designed for hanging baskets. COLORFALL™ features all the wonderful traits of the HARMONY® series, including large flowers and uniform growth, with the unique trailing habit. This innovative New Guinea series was presented first last season and will have an addition of four new colors that will be launched at NovemberFest, perfect for adding a new twist to shade hanging baskets and in combinations.

Dark Matter™ – A new Salvia nemorosa with a unique deep blue colored flower, re-blooming all summer long

COLIBRI™, EYECONIC™ & OMBRE™- Danziger’s Calibrachoa assortment has been renewed these last 3 years with the COLIBRI™ series, which is the perfect compact habit for 10-12 cm. pots and two new novelties series EYECONIC™ and OMBRE™. The COLIBRI™ series is the small pot type Calibrachoa with its beautiful 20 colors. The EYECONIC™ series has a major flower power with an eye pattern and the OMBRE™ series is the “multi-color” type, with a beautiful blend of several colors on each plant and controlled semi-trailing habit.

 GOLF™ Beauty Improved Craspedia – The newly improved GOLF™ Beauty has more vigor and flower power with increased ease of rooting under any light condition. This unique plant, with its golf ball-shaped bright yellow blooms, is a true attention grabber. GOLF Beauty works well as a stand-alone potted item, offers a unique upright center in combinations and is a striking plant for garden beds.

OSTICADE™ Daybreak Osteospermum – OSTICADE™ varieties have long been a grower favorite. Their idyllic mounded plant habit, large flowers and summer-long performance are characteristic of this excellent series. Growers love the fact that all Danziger Osteospermum can be finished alongside other spring crops in warm conditions. New to the OSTICADE™ lineup for 2022 is the multicolored Daybreak. There are now seven varieties in the OSTICADE series, each one is perfect for production in gallons/15 cm, hanging baskets and larger patio containers.

During the event, Danziger’s local Israeli team together with worldwide teams based in Europe, China and North America, was available to meet and discuss upcoming trends, the company’s new genetics and plants for the 2021, 2022 and even 2023 seasons.

Interested in trialing some of the new 2022 introductions? Click here to get in touch.

For more information, visit www.danzigeronline.com

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