Danziger Guatemala wins Bronze in IGOTY’s Young Plants category

ESSEN, Germany: At the prestigious IGOTY Awards held during IPM Essen, Global Floriculture leader Danziger, were delighted to receive the Bronze award for 2020. This is a well-deserved recognition for one of the world’s most vibrant and sensational plant companies.

The AIPH IGOTY Jury is a panel of six internationally renowned horticulture experts. The following comment summarizes the judges’ feelings: “Danziger works to create and grow extraordinary flower varieties that help customers throughout the value chain achieve remarkable success. Our judges praise Danziger for its high-standards of phyto-sanitary conditions through to its customer-driven production.”

For over 60 years, Danziger has been at the forefront of flower research, breeding, development, propagation, production, sales and marketing. The company develops and grows extraordinary flower varieties of cut flowers, annuals and perennials that help flower growers grow their business while meeting the ever-changing market needs and delighting their end-customers.

Danziger won the award in the Young Plants category, focusing on the company’s state of the art propagation facility in Guatemala. Established in 2013, This 10 ha, now expanding to 15 ha, production site in Nueva-Santa Rosa Guatemala, is a technology-driven growing operation that annually produces more than 100 million unrooted cuttings to more than 1,000 customers and partners in North America. The Guatemalan facility focuses on improving the quality of annuals and perennials for the North American market, providing customers with top quality plants.

“Danziger production sites are strategic assets and by leading in production quality assurance, planning and being at the edge of technology, we ensure that we maintain a competitive advantage and provide the best service we can for our customers”, says Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO.

Among other contributing elements, the plants’ top quality is ensured by the Guatemalan facility’s greenhouses. Irrigation systems of the highest quality and cutting-edge automation equipment are also in place, as well as custom software developed by Danziger’s technology experts to optimize growing conditions.  As the Guatemalan facility serves as a center of excellence, winning the IPM award recognizes Danziger’s notable achievement in this region.

For more information visit: www.danzigeronline.com

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