Danziger appoints two new product managers

MISHMAR HASIVA, Israel: Plant breeder and propagator Danziger from Israel is pleased to announce the appointment of two industry veterans to the newly created position of Product Manager  Bedding Plants and Product Manager Cut Flowers. 

The position of Bedding Product Manager has been filled by Yael Assouline, an experienced breeder with a proven track record of innovative breakthroughs such as the Vanessa Verbena series. “Yael is a very talented agronomist who has been with Danziger for years and knows the company’s DNA,” says Ori Danziger. The position of Cut Flowers Product Manager will be filled by Ohad Shafran, an agronomist on Danziger’s cut flowers sales team, with an extensive knowledge of market needs and excellent customer relations. Ohad was successful as a market manager in Africa and South America prior to transitioning into his new role as cut flowers product manager.

Ohad Shafran

In their new positions, Ohad and Yael will be responsible for all aspects of product development, from identifying the need for a new product, to the stages of introduction, trial processes, branding and go to market strategy – all the while working closely with the breeding, production, marketing, and sales teams around the world.

Danziger’s strategic approach to having innovative and superior genetics for both the cut flower and bedding market drove this decision, “In the past years, we’ve expanded our development skills and also our go to market capabilities with having a clear portfolio strategy,” says Ori Danziger, deputy CEO and the leader of the new product management team.

As leading breeders, Danziger is focused on developing new and valuable products for the ornamental industry around the world. “The product management process will help us have a more strategic point of view of the market needs that eventually will be translated into products and breeding projects,” says Ori Danziger.

“We believe in having an agile environment that will transform according to the constantly changing market needs and are committed to adjust or processes to create better value for our customers. This was the idea behind the new product management team and also the assignment of both, Yael and Ohad to these new positions,” says Ori Danziger.



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