Danziger to present a rainbow of colours, shapes and textures at its annual chrysanthemum open days

Danziger’s Frescolita variety from the Amor collection.

VEREDA PONTEZUELA, Colombia: Bringing a rainbow of colours and a plethora of shapes, textures and sizes is Danziger’s Annual Chrysanthemum Open Days at the company’s cutting farm in Vereda Pontezuela, Colombia. This year, the event is live and online from now until 3 September 2021. Visit in person (30 August- 3 September 2021) or book your virtual tour HERE and be the first to know about Danziger’s spectacular flower types, high-impact colours, exclusive offers and much more.

No one other than the Israeli breeder better understands that time is precious. To help growers, wholesalers, florists and floral designers explore the vast amount of new chrysanthemums, Danziger will use eye-catching colour blocking. Plus, the company has grouped all mums of the same type together. On display are 150 chrysanthemum varieties, more than 65 novelties and 14 speciality crops.

The event comes as questions remain about foreign travel. Attendees who cannot travel due to Covid-19 quarantine and health measures will be nevertheless treated first-class. A spectacular chrysanthemum ante-premiere awaits them online one week prior to the Open House event (week 34). Going virtual means buyers can send their team in greater numbers which means more meetings and more knowledge sharing. Book your virtual tour HERE

Standing out proudly are seven categories of mums: Amor (daisy), Pasión (cushion), Empatía (Anemone), Esperanza (daisies with a high petal count), Energía (santini), Felicidad (button) and Inspiración (spider).

It is no coincidence that the brand names convey strong emotions. Danziger Chrysanthemums – We Grow Emotions is the tagline of the company’s ad campaign focusing on how the seven chrysanthemum lines they created make people feel. Its underlying message is that flower breeding for emotion is important because we all know that emotions are key drivers of great customer experience.

Emotions and colours go hand in hand. White flowers, for example, signify purity and sophistication and are used to round out other brighter, more eccentric florals in a bouquet, adding texture and depth, or as a stand-alone centrepiece. White chrysanthemums and weddings are an ever-lasting love affair, with Frescolita from the Amor collection being a firm favourite with brides because of its high bud count per stem and fresh green centre.

Chrysanthemum ‘Amarilla from the Amor collection.

Yellow chrysanthemums are symbols of cheerfulness, new beginnings, are sun-kissed and therefore full of energy. The aptly named Pasión Almendra Solkiss from the Pasión collection immediately impacts happiness and customer satisfaction as it features an exceptional vase life spanning 20 days.

Pretty in pink is Amor Candy from the Amor collection. It is a daisy type mum eye-catching in every bouquet or arrangement thanks to its vibrant pink colour. Pink chrysanthemums are the perfect feel-good flower and come in different shades. Light pink is a symbol of grace, elegance and romance, while dark pink signifies gratitude and appreciation.

While white, yellow and pink are the world’s best-selling chrysanthemum colours,  Danziger newest chrysanthemum portfolio also includes blooms in other exquisite tones such as tangerine, peach and lemon-lime.

Danziger’s event is unique in the true sense of the word. Because the Chrysanthemum extravaganza will run parallel to a display of one-of-a-kind blooms such as Craspedia, Veronica, Solidago, Limonium and Lepidium. And no other Chrysanthemum breeder offers such an additional bonus during Colombia’s chrysanthemum days.

To attend the event online in week 34 register HERE


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