Danziger focuses on urban lifestyles at 2018 FlowerTrials

MISMAR HASHIVA, Israel: Flower Trials 2018 brought hundreds of visitors from different countries around the world, different disciplines and positions within our industry. The event is a great opportunity to learn more about the global markets most significant needs and trends.

One of the biggest trends this year was plants for urban lifestyles. “This year we saw a lot of interest in plants that appeal to the urban consumer,” says Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO in Danziger. “Space is limited in many urban settings, so growers and consumers are looking for plants that fit small patio or even a balcony containers. Creating the perfect plant for this use may be tougher than you might think.” Many times there are only two or three plants used in an urban setting. Sometimes, it’s just one, stand-alone pot. “We’ve found that the plant not only needs to be compact in size, it also has to have an impressing appearance,” add Danziger.

At their display, Danziger presented a showcase for plants relevant for urban living, expanding the potential of some of their varieties as an answer to this exact need. Plants were presented in various sizes and pots, in order to help the visitor envision the final use at the consumer patio. COLIBRI™ Calibrachoa, with its compact habit, was used to create small patio table pots. NANO™ Portulaca, which has a small habit but extra-large flowers, provided great balance between size and vibrant color impact. GOLDEN EMPIRE™, a special variety of the TIMELESS™ Bidens collection, is a unique variety that is very well suited to the urban trend. Its tall habit and large flowers, make it a perfect sunny, stand-alone piece in a small container.

This trend is addressed by other breeders as well, such as Royal-Van-Zanten Showmakers® Aster for pots, which has vibrant colors and an impressive appearance.

One of the plants receiving a lot of attention by growers and retailers targeting urban consumers was CAPELLA™ Petunia. “CAPELLA™ is an excellent plant for people with small gardens, patios or balconies, because it starts small, and grows into a floriferous ball of color at the consumer level,” says Danziger. “CAPELLA™ Pink Lace, and CAPELLA™ Purple Veins, introduced only last year, are getting good feedback from growers and retailers. They tell us this variety is very compatible with the urban garden trend.”

Learn more about CAPELLA™ and the other Danziger varieties in the new 2018-2019 annuals catalog, available here.

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